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LaPau Restaurant, Sanur: Spicy Food and Hot Music

23 Nov

La Pau's open air plan makes it a comfortable place to hang out in any weather.

LaPau restaurant  may well be the only blues bar cum Padang restaurant in the world.(Although Indonesians like to joke that Neil Armstrong found a Padang Restaurant on the moon!). Padang cuisine is found all over the archipelago. Spicy and savory, it is an expatriate favorite.

Padang food: spicy, savory...and hearty!

Owner Metrus Munir

Owner Metrus Munir was born of West Sumatran parents in the oil town Pekanbaru in Sumatra’s Riau Province. There, he early own encountered foreigners and ocean going ships. After his parents moved to Jakarta, Metrus enjoyed exploring the city which then was a safe and still country-like place a kid could explore on foot and bicycle, Taking off on his own he often missed meals and soon learned to prepare his own food. He came from a family that new its way around the kitchen, his grandfather, grandmother and mother being his models . He cooks by eye, and feeling, not measure

Like many in the 80s and 90s when Indonesia was both booming and opening to the world, after graduating from the National Hotel Institute( “EnHai”) in Bandung. Metrus got involved in tourism, and as a guide, saw then remote( and still not well known) parts of the country such as the eastern islands of Sumba, Alora, Damar and Kei, sailing with well known outfits such as Society Expeditions. 

The birth of his son convinced hm to work closer to home, and he learned the restaurant trade in Sanur and Ubud,

before branching out on his own. Starting small, he supplied food to warung( the ubiquitous small open air food

stalls where most Indonesians will have at least a bite in the course of a day) Then he started his own place, late

night by default, because the rent was cheap in a parking lot after hours. Open from 10 in the evening til whenever,

his place quickly became a gathering place for night owls and especially musicians, the headquarters for a loosely

affiliated group calling itself Komunitas Street Jazz. In 2005, backed by friends, family and the community, Metrus

opened Lapau, which means a small eating place in his native Minang language.

Fresh Daily


Local artist at recent benefit held at Lapau for prison art program

Metrus may have suppressed his wanderlust, but he keeps in touch with the world by presiding over an eclectic clientele: foreigners of all types,  Balinese, Jakarta hipsters, and one-of-a kind local characters. Friday nights, the Mushroom Band, fronted by Janis Joplin( That’s what she calls herself! And she appears to

Imelda belts one

channel the long gone legend)) a vocalist who can really belt it out, plays classic rock and blues jams. Love the way they funkify “Cocaine!” Monday nights, long time local favorite, Tropical Transit, presents light jazz and ballads, often with a Latin flavor.

Tropical Transit finds their groove Mondays at Lapau

Music begins around nine.

La Pau incorporates some classic Indonesian design elements with its use of carved wood and marble colonial era topped tables. There is overflow seating in the gazebos in the garden. Grab some food, order a beer or soft drink, sit back and enjoy the music, and get to know the eclectic community that make LaPau such a fun place. With free wifi, Lapau is also a great spot for a quiet lunch and a bit of browsing, or catching up on work. Prices are very moderate!

On the Bypass in Sanur, LaPau is easy to find